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401k Plans

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401k Plans are employer sponsored retirement plans. Contributions can be made on either a Traditional or Roth basis and many 401k owners are incentivized with employer matching contributions which may or may not be placed on a vesting schedule.

401k Plans generally have a small mixture of available funds to invest in and it is important to review and rebalance your investments on a routine basis. 

Have questions about how to allocate your retirement assets in your 401k? Come see us for a free consultation.

Contribution Limits

Contribution Limits

Under 50 Years old (Starting 2024)

  • $23,000

Over 50 Years old (Starting 2024)

  • $30,500

Click Here for more information on the IRS website.

In-Service Rollovers

In-Service Rollovers

Did you know if you are 59 1/2 or older with an employer retirement account, you may be eligible to roll it into an IRA for more active management? Come see us today to look at your options.

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