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Tax & Estate Planning

Families face a wide range of complex issues related to planning. Personal, family values and business dynamics intersect. At Compass Financial Advisors, we recognize and appreciate the dynamics involved. Our success is a result of the intersection of our experience in relating to families, our professionals life experience in family enterprises, our process of bringing families together around values, and our ability to coordinate the efforts of the family members and their professional advisers. We use the best technology available to coordinate these efforts; simplifying your life enabling you have peace of mind while spending time on what is important to you

Our planning process is holistic and integrated. We give families a clear snapshot of the current financial picture and a road map to preservation and growth of wealth and philanthropic giving. Often, an operating business concern is the source of income and the creator of the Wealth. Our team has experience operating family business and in exit planning strategies. Coordinating all concerned professionals including legal, insurance and accounting, we synthesize a plan to address the needs of your family for now and far into the future.

Our tax, estate philanthropic planning process is driven by the belief that ongoing tax planning is essential for families as taxes increase to the largest single expense and largest single risk. We identify and strive to understand the concerns of the family and integrate strategies into our cash flow and investment process to address the family's unique issues. Asset allocation decisions are driven by tax management.

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